During every recruitment process we make it very clear that we expect a lot from every new team member: enthusiasm, a high skill set, team orientation and openness, high quality data, high level of self and project management. However, we also try to offer a lot, i.e. training, soft skills and career development. Whilst you join us to do primarily basic science, we have a lot of industry and biotech links and try to identify every staff member's personal vision and prepare him/her optimally for the next career step.


As part of the Master Programme 'Drug Development and Neurohealth' we  offer the following internships:

- Biologicals drug discovery: Phage display library screen for the identification and optimisation of recombinant antibodies as diagnostic tools and therapeutics

- Small molecule drug discovery: enzymatic and phenotypic screens of novel and repurposed NADPH oxidase inhibitors for clinical development

PhD positions

There are currently no open PhD positions. Please check again later. 

For information on the different ways to obtain a PhD degree at Maastricht University please check this link.